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scalar vs. vector

Monday, October 31st, 2005

In filling out my self-assesment, it occurs to me that i’m more vector based than scalar based. by that, i mean i’m more concerned with direction than checkpoints. I’m wondering why it has taken me this long to realize. perhaps its because i lost my previous self evaluations from years past and had to do this one from scratch. or, maybe it’s because i feel the assesment that i’m being asked to fill out feels very scalar. it asks for your goals/priorities which seems to serve as both a scalar and vector, but then it asks for your progress percentage. which, to me, is asking what percent of life have i progressed. am i really capable of such a judgement? do i dare hazard a guess on how much of my life i have left? brrr . . . . perhaps it’s time to lay off of the hooch and just write this thing. fuck it, i’m the shit. give me my damn superstar award!

the missing secret sauce

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

So, i forgot my secureid token at work today. this has a couple repercussions. 1) i can’t get any work done tonight. 2) my token is on my keychain which means i forgot my keys at work as well. a nice little first day of the week we have going here.

basking in my idiocy, i turned on the tube today and caught a couple of episodes of american chopper. fantastic. i love that show. is it just me, or does it get better every year?

anyway, two hours of american chopper and i start channel surfing and come across the United States Arm Wrestling Championship and i’m instantly entranced. i’m getting flashbacks to Over The Top, the best (only) arm wrestling movie ever made. i want to see the interviews. i want to hear someone say “I turn my hat around and I become a machine.” i want to hear “Tell you the truth, the truck is, uh, you know, the most important thing for me. I… I don’t really… it doesn’t matter if I, uh, become the champion or anything. That’s, that’s not the most important… I… I need this truck.” needless to say, i’m disappointed with the interviews. no noteworthy sounds bites to speak of.

there are a couple interesting things though.

the stats: the matchups come up and the screen graphics show the head to head in which there are three stats: age, height and weight. i find height to be an interesting choice. i guess you might be able to get a little more leverage, but . . . is it really that important?

the gear: these guys are armed with chalk bags. also, when there are too many fouls, they bring out this strap and tie the two people together by the hand.

the categories: weight class, righty, lefty, men and women. holy cow.

so, yeah, arm wrestling. rockin. almost better than stomping bugs on a monday night.

Another non-believer converted

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

so, truth be told, i never thought there was much of a future in user generated video content. luckily, i bruce sent me this today.

cue something about floors, rolling, and laughter.

it hurts . . .

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

to pass up free beer. should i be scared that this affirmation of non-alcoholism is paining me so?

anyway, my first y! octoberfest. yay! . . . although, i was promised free churros, but the churros were no where to be found. only pretzels and a lot of processed meat. but the beer battered mushrooms where the bomb.

sloshed in southern california

Monday, October 17th, 2005

got wrecked at jeff and jen’s (or jen and jeff’s) wedding this past weekend. actually, i got wrecked almost every night last week. anyway, the wedding was lots o fun. many a columbian were in attendance as well as some pretty gosh darn cool people . . . from kansas. now who woulda thunk?

regardless, really feeling the affects of seven days of drinking. perhaps i should adopt my fellow comrades’ belief that the best cure for a hangover is more alcohol. i know from experience that it does make you feel better, but biologically, i’m not sure about that one. besides, i already feel like a prune and more alcohol would make me, well, prunier.

. . .

time in socal was pretty nice. it rained on sunday, so i wasn’t able to hit the beach. i guess it’s been around ten years or so since i was in socal last. i still think i’d prefer to be elsewhere. it made me kinda sick to see those thousands of cars on the 405 during rush hour. talk about a glut of steel, rubber, and combustion engines.

Had my first last meatnormous

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

cris was kind enough to treat me to my first meatnormous sandwich today. my stomach thanks you. my bowels are on the fence.

CVS is for F%$&#g idiots!

Monday, October 3rd, 2005

I’m livid right now. apparently, none of those cvs assclowns thought to make cvs add recursive. what. the. fuck.

additionally, none of those assclowns thought to make cvs add smart either. It can’t tell the difference between new files and old files. so if you create 50 new files in a directory that already has one old file, you have to issue 50 cvs adds! what. the. fuck.

it’s amazing how little respect i have for those cvs people. is there not a competitve bone in their bodies? i’m looking at there NEWS file and there’s no feature development whatsoever. no wonder everyone’s trying to find something else.