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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

aunt: when my mouse isn’t doing well, what does it mean?
me: it could be a couple things. the computer might be busy and can’t respond fast enough
aunt: could it be the wireless as well?
me: yeah
aunt: so it doesn’t have anything to do with the weather?
me: . . . .

You can’t start a fire without a spark

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not a fan of running at night. I get paranoid. one wrong step, one ill-placed pot-hole and the gig is up for the next few months. not a fan at all.

but, today. today, i had to get outdoors. it had been far too long since i smelled the sewage that is the Yahoo! backyard. and, so today i headed out for a little run.

holy cow, did that shit rock. it’s been ages since i felt that good on a run. i think i must have been truckin’ around 7:10 or so. it was back to the days of tunnel-vision-existentialism or something. there was no wind out, and the water was glass. it was just sweet. pure outer body experience. runners high. drool runnin down the side of my mouth. fantastic. back to the days of feeling like i was running down hill.

oddly, the only thing i noticed before got all up-in-the-head was a dude coming back in on a bicycle . . . with a fishing pole. not a good idea.


Friday, November 18th, 2005

kevin: you don’t qualify for a loan
me: why?
kevin: because you haven’t been at your job for 2 years
me: so when people move for jobs, they can’t buy a house?
kevin: no, they can if they have a good job.

this reminds me of when i broke the news to mom about getting the new job:
me: mom, i got a job at Yahoo!
mom: oh, that’s great. are you going to be answering phones for them?

inquiry into locker room ethics

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

so, i’m in the gym today getting ready to clean up and get on the bus. I grab a towel, get naked, and head to the showers. Place the towel on the hook, step into the stall and clean up. upon shutting off the water, i reach for my towel and . . . it’s gone . . . ! and i’m thinking, “mother fucker, someone took my towel! what kind of pansy ass prick would take my towel?!?” and then i remember that i’m at yahoo! and there are no pricks here(?) and go get another towel. well, i didn’t really mean the part about there not being pricks. from the course of events, there obviously are, i just had to put that in there to balance out the light to dark ratio.

but, still . . . who takes another man’s towel? i’m not sure where to rank that in terms of serverity of offense. i mean, it’s gotta be up there with covetting they neighbor’s wife, right?

Have a Happy Day!

I Will Own You! . . . ?

Friday, November 11th, 2005

Here we go again, another round of potential home ownership . . .

It was a dark and stormy night . . .

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

well, not really. but i feel like playing to certain trends . . . kinda.

anyway, got back from NYC yesterday. a bit tired, to say the least. weekend was a blast, though i forgot my camera, so no pics of this trip. anyway, for those inte-rested, here’s the low down:

6:40 arrival, waited for bruce to get in at 7:50 or something. Grabbed a cab which, for some reason, decided to take us into manhattan via laguardia airport . . .? got in around 10, showered up, headed down to beard papa’s(!) picked up a dozen cream puffs and took them to my old stomping grounds. spent pretty much the entire day trying to get my evaluations done but spent most of the time catching up with people. Night time was hanging out at evelyn lounge and then sushi of gari(!!) for dinner. phenomenal. and then, well, biny.

woke up around 11:00 or so, ran some errands. did some inquiring about cell phone plans and then picked up some tastykakes for my aunt. met up with JLG for an afternoon snack, then went over to the met for a bit to see the van gogh exhibition. afterward headed down to brooklyn to catch graham and meet up with the messyeskimo(!!!). after the show, rolled to the lower east side to meet up with eugene for a couple drinks and then headed to st. marks for taisho(!!). they changed their agedashi tofu batter . . . for the worse. but the rest of that shit was the bomb as usual. chicken skin . . . mmmmmmm. unagi tofu . . . mmmmmm . . . . anyway, hit bowlmore lanes afterword and then, well, biny. cause it’s like the best in new york.

woke up around 1pm. went to blue ribbon bakery for brunch, then magnolia for cupcakes. ran around soho for a bit and was going to hit burger joint with dave, but apparently they’re closed on sundays. instead, went home and passed out for an hour and then got dressed for dinner at thor which has no relation to the thunder and hammers, but, rather, stands for The Hotel on Rivington.

the food was solid. nothing extraordinary in terms of cuisine, just good food. the first and middle dishes had the most creativity. the hamachi was nice with the tomato, avocado and cucumber combination with a slight dashing of salt. the crushed avocado lime sorbet was definitely different and the oysters looked enticing, although i didn’t get a tast. the wine list was a bit out there as well. no big names on the list. had a st. emillion that went well with everyone’s meal. the service was really friendly and unintrussive. there when you needed them and always with a smile. ambience was nice as well. there were some who commented on the scary bathrooms, but whatever. a good place for larger parties. then again i was riding a pretty good high from our first win of the season .

anyway, after dinner, we hit libation which was around the corner and then headed home for a few scant hours of sleep before boarding a plan back.

so, to answer the question people keep asking: do a miss new york?
honestly, no. do i wish i could have stayed longer? yes. but that’s what makes new york a great place to visit because i know if i did stay longer, the weather would invariably go sour on me and i’d be pissed that i was paying $100+ a meal everynight.

a couple other notes:

i’m losing my subway acumen. had difficulties remember where all the exits and entrances were. also, it takes longer to get from point a to point b than i remember. i was off by about 10 minutes.

it’s funny how many things i blocked out while living in new york are now prominent in my vision again. walking around i started noticing people and restaurants and little things here and there that had always been there but i had faded into the background while i was living there. it definitely helps in renewing a love affair with that city.

anyway, enough cheesy opining for now.

peace out

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

off to clear my head in NYC


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

Tonight I find myself hoping that weakness is not always an inherent trait. Instead, weakness can live externally and strike at inopportune moments . . . like when you’re supposed to be strong.

ok, this day can end now.