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What I Did on My Christmas Break

Monday, December 26th, 2005

by Jason Wong

lucas and house of bread, ginger

built gingerbread house with cousin.
fixed ACPI on my laptop.

The End.

So, I’ll admit it

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

I don’t like to write things here that i wouldn’t say to someone in public. that would be kinda stupid. it’s that whole “world wide” thing that makes hiding hard. But when it comes to family, this blog is like a military bunker. hell, the president would feel safe hiding here. this whole internetts thing is too crazy for them. So, they’ll also have no idea that i’m cooking up a white board wonder wall for my room. sweet!

On Home

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

I feel trapped in these walls. Well, maybe not trapped, but confined. constricted. I came home early today to get some work done, but, lately, i’m finding that almost impossible. I need to get out. i need to be some place where i don’t have to wash paper cups before i throw them away. where there’s digital cable and hdtv. a dvd player and some DD5.1 would be lucious. a stereo system? a dart board? a bed larger than a twin so i don’t keep banging into the walls everytime i blink?

why do i need all those things?

i used to have those things.

fuck it, how about just a place to call home?

It’s funny how moving back to home base, getting a nice pay raise in the process, and not paying rent can make you . . . poor. perhaps its that whole CPI vs PQLI thing . . .

I’m tired of living here. I’m tired of hearing my brother dig at me for complaining that i’m tired of living here. If I hear the words, “Well, maybe you need your privacy more than i do” one more time . . . .

It’s funny. i used to be a laid back guy. things would just roll right off of me. i need to get back to that place. I need to get back to being that person. I’m trying to figure out what’s really changed. Maybe i take the game more seriously now. too seriously. maybe i underestimated my family’s ability to nit pick the living shit out of me.

I’m hoping this house thing will be a first step. I’m hoping it means the end of this limbo is excruciatingly near.


Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

someone in this country has taken up the charge of proving we are not idiots.

in other news, i leave for six months, and look what happens:

all i want for christmas

Monday, December 19th, 2005

is the non-repeating shuffle. like, when you click the “shuffle” button on your music player, i want it to shuffle and not repeat songs. if i wanted shuffle to repeat songs, i’d hit the shuffle AND repeat buttons on my darn music player. I fail to understand why no one can do this.

actually, I’m going to be greedy. you know what else I want? I want to be able to create song blocks that i can use in shuffle mode. i want to be able to tell my music player that, when in shuffle mode, if you play song X, play song Y after. I guess I want meta-songs.

By the way, shuffle on YME seems to suck more than usual. while writing this post, i’ve heard two songs repeated twice. can a brother get some variance? where’s the plugin api for this thing? i need to go fix this.

Now a card carrying member

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

After much ado and 111+ minutes on the phone with cingular, i’m finally a proud sim card carrying member!


so far, this thing has been pretty fun. it’s also an mp3 player . . . and you can set an mp3 as your ringtone. i might be the first person ever to have The Heat as my ringtone.

now, just have to flash and unlock this puppy, and i’m set.

oh, and, yes, that is a beard papa’s phone dangly thing there. that place is the shit.

UPDATE: I might also be the first person ever to have HTMC as my ringtone!

First day of class

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Made my first Classroom Buddies visit today.

Classroom buddies is this program that cbaray was kind enough to get me an in on. Once every other week, Yahoo!s go play with kids over at Bishop Elementary. I’m teamed up with one trubio and we get to play with Ms. Egleston’s second grade class. weeeee . . . !

Today’s activity was gingerbread houses. not sure how are when gingerbread houses became grahm cracker houses, but whatever. grahm crackers were cracked, frosting was frosted, and a whole boatload of candy was . . . . candied(?). in the end, many a four walled confection structure were built, and much fun was had. i feel sorry for whoever got them next. we pumped them so full of sugar . . . . geeez . .. sorry.

i forgot how much kids like attention. as soon as you raise an eye brow, they pounce on you and soak up as much face time as they can. with a bunch of kids, it’s like watching a flock of birds, were they all start swarming around you with smiling faces and outstretched hands. “can i have more m&m’s?” “some more red vines?” “i need more frosting.”

anyway, i’m hoping this entry comes off cheerful, cause, like, that was my intent. i guess i should put my analytic hat down for a second and say i had lots of fun messing with kids today.


Monday, December 12th, 2005


Do i own the house, or does the house own me?


Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

what’s with the jersey on gecko violence?!?


Thursday, December 1st, 2005

It looks like jeng has run into a bit of blogger’s block. in honor of him, i too will juxtapose my first and more recent posts.

First post . . . !

August 31, 2002

oh, boy. how much has this week sucked? first, i end up working until 5am on monday, 1am on tuesday. was able to take a quick break for dinner with friends on wednesday before I went right back to work. On thursday, I find that my site was launched to 10 classes without my knowledge and I spent the whole day answering emails. Actually, that’s not true. I took about 30 mins off to have a conversation with the others about our use of Wind and how it was against policy. Their suggestion? write an apache module to work with it. Right. like i have the f*&^ing time to write an apache module. And today? well, today we were supposed to launch calendar. guess what? didn’t happen. in fact, i should e-mail john about it. hold on . . . alrighty, e-mail taken care of. oh one more thing that sucked today, I went to register for classes at 3:30 today only to find out that the registration office closed at 3. WTF!!! I worked until 9:30pm tonight. freaking wusses.

I think the only upshots for the week are 1) John and Lydia are back which means that I get to start having a social life again. and 2) I went sake drinking tonight.

I’m sick of this stinkpad. i want ninjageck

more recent post:

every time you hear the rolling thunder . . .
you turn around before the . . . oh wait, that’s physically impossible.

(00:00) – +50
(00:10) – +50
(00:20) – +50
(00:30) – +50
(00:40) – +50
(00:50) – +50
(01:00) – +50
(01:10) – +50
(01:20) – +50
(01:30) – +50
(01:40) – +50
(01:50) – +50
(02:00) – +50
(02:10) – +50
(02:20) – +50
(02:30) – +50
(03:00) – +50
(08:30) – +50
(08:57) – +50
(09:09) – +50
(10:15) – +50
(10:30) – +50
(10:45) – +50
(11:00) – +50
(11:15) – +50
(11:30) – +50
(11:45) – +50
(12:00) – +50
(13:15) – +50
(13:30) – +50
(13:55) – +50
(14:10) – +50
(14:30) – +50
(14:45) – +50
(15:00) – +50
(15:15) – +50
(15:30) – +50
(15:45) – +50
(16:10) – +50
(16:15) – +50
(16:30) – +50
(16:55) – +50

fret no, young jeng. with the peaks come the valleys.