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Welcome, Ian Nicholas Chubury!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

Ian Nicholas Chubury!



Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

Had dinner with mom tonight.  we were going to go to this japanese place close by that had just opened and looked all sheik, but, alas, it was closed.  so we went to Taro’s which is owned my mikuni, where toby works.  yeah, small town.
So, we sit down and low and behold, we find ourselves next to a family friend, sue, that i haven’t seen in a while. sitting across from this family friend was a pretty attractive young lady. so i introduce myself. say hi. turns out she’s the girlfriend on sue’s son, james. I haven’t seen james in probably ten years.  he and my  brother used to roll back in high scool and i would go to his house every now and then and he’d slaughter me in mike tyson’s punch out.

Anyway, we’re talking for a bit. catching up on all that’s transpired and then james asks, “Hey, man you single? cause my girlfriend has a lot of single sorority friends.”

I love the greek system.

“Yeah, i’m flying solo these days,” I reply. To which James looks at his girlfriend and says something to the effect of, “we should introduce him to so and so.”

The girlfriend smiles and james. looks at me and says “I’m going to need a background check on you first.”

I offered my social security and credit card numbers.


Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

(19:18:56) girl: hey
(19:19:04) me: happy new year!
(19:19:09) girl: gung hay fat choy
(19:19:13) girl: whatre you doin
(19:19:16) me: indeed!
(19:19:20) me: looking for dinner
(19:19:21) me: you?
(19:19:28) girl: whatre you gonna eat
(19:19:32) me: i dunno, yet
(19:19:47) me: but if you’re up for it, i’m heading your way.
(19:20:22) girl: alright lets go
(19:20:25) me: haha
(19:20:26) me: sweet
(19:20:40) me: i can be there in about 20 min?
(19:20:45) girl: k
(19:20:50) me: see you soon!

so, that was last night.  i get to the girl’s place, she opens the door and has this look of dread on her face. she opens the conversation with, “oh my god i’m in so much trouble.” she goes on to tell me that she had a date with this guy that she completely forgot about.  I say, “no problem” i had to get to sac, so i couldn’t have really enjoyed the meal anyway, and we part ways for the night.

so today, she im’s me or maybe it’s the other way around, i lost the log for that conversation.  but it went something like this:

me: so how was your date last night?
girl: not very good
girl: i tried to text you last night but i was too drunk
girl: it was all i could do to try to stay awake
me: hahaha

I’m not sure if there’s a lesson to divine here, but my social life has been garnering interest lately . . . and cris told me to blog about it . . .

Say Goodbye to The Violence. Say Hello to violence

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

The Violence/violence

The end of an era. it’s official, peja out, artest in.

back in 2003 when webber was out with microfracture surgery, i started referring to peja  as “The Violence” cause, well, back then, there was no stopping him. two plus years later after a whole lot of drama and injury, peja hasn’t been playing that hot. so, now, he’s gone. it makes me sad.  now, i get to see him light us up from behind the arc next year.


Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

so there’s this girl at the coffe shop i go to every morning. you might be asking why i go to the coffee shop every morning when The Work provides me free coffee. The short answer is that i need a jolt before i start my morning commute. it’s a long drive. the long answer probably has something to do with supporting local businesses and ensuring that starbucks doesn’t take over the world. or something.
moving on, there’s this girl that works at the coffee shop on tuesdays, thursdays, and weekends. actually, there’s a girl there everyday, but this girl is the most fun to talk to.

so, i’ve been going to this coffee shop for the past few months. often enough that they have my order ready for me before i get to the register. today, i walk in and put out the standard package. “happy x_day.” “what’s shakin’?” etc. usually, i get a giggle or two. maybe a little smile. something to get the day started out right. but, today was a little different. as i’m paying for my drink she says:
“You know, when you talk, the way you say things, it sounds like you’re singing.”

I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me before. logically, i probably should have said something to the effect of “gee, know one’s ever said that to me before.” alas, my inability to to the logical thing when i’m on my feet. so, instead, i respond, “I guess i’ll take that as a compliement.”

this touches on a couple things. 1) the first time someone says something about you that you’ve never heard. and 2) my inability to think on my feet. i guess i should be happy that i don’t do stupid things on my feet. had it been later in the day and had i been drunk, i might have quipped, “baby, that’s just the motion of my ocean.” accompanied with a wink or something.

anyway, it just made me think of the last time something like this happened. i was at a restuarant in new york, rain, and the waiter came up to me and asked “do you do someting phyisical for your work?” i politely shook my head and said, “no.” to which he resonded, “really? cause you have a great physical presence.”

I have yet to decifer what that means, and what was his intent.

continuing with the story here, another thing that made this morning odd was this other guy in the coffe shop attempting to bequeath some sacred knowledge upon us. He picked up an empty coffee cup and said, “You know how many quarters this cup can hold? Twenty dollars! i once took a cup like this, filled it up with quarters and counted it myself. Twenty dollars!”

A whole new game

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

A whole new game

Every now and then, something comes along that just boggles the mind. This is genius in the palm of your hand.

where’s ricky?

Choose your own adventure

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

John McCain

I would like to think that had this man been in the right place at the right time, we’d find our country in better condition.  perhaps we’d be spending billions trying to develop alternative fuels instead of making plans to escape to mars.  maybe, i’d have an easier time suspending my disbelief when our government says “we do not torture prisoners of war.” and, maybe i’d have a nice chuckle when i see him show up in Wedding Crashers.  And i’d have a really good laugh when he tells his Chelsea Clinton joke.

when will this term end?

ass or elbow

Friday, January 20th, 2006

ass or elbow?

Those other guys released a site redesign today. *sigh*

I get sad when i have my ass handed to me.  and it’s happened a couple times since i’ve gotten to Y! Sports.
I did a little digging and found that our last redesign was in january of 2003.  we even made cnet’s with the refresh.

anyway, espn updated a few months later in june of 2003 and now, they’ve somehow beaten us to a new refresh.  not only that, but they got rid of all the annoying things i hated about their site. and, it now loads faster than ape shit. and, they’re much closer to w3c compliance than we are. and, their video shit is cross platform. shucks.
so, here i am, with my ass in my hands. then again, perhaps it’s just an elbow.

In Santa Monica, no one can hear an Engineer Scream

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Down in SoCal today for the Oly summit–a meet and great for all the heads that’ll be working on the the winter olympics. anyway, it appears that if you own a linux laptop, you’re assed out on the network. you can’t event get to frontyard.

now, i’m not really complaining, cause if i were and IT person, i wouldn’t want linux boxes on my network either, but i just found it odd that i couldn’t get to frontyard as it’s widely available to the rest of the world.

anyway, note taken. provisions will be made for Santa Monica dot Next.


Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

went for a run today in golden gate park. the weather was great and it was a good chance to break in the new shoes.
so, anyway, i strap on the shoes, hit the body glide, grab the watch and head on out.  it’s such a multi-step process these days.

as i approached the main path from the north, there was this girl coming from the east and we kinda start pacing each other.  not one to chit chat during a work out, i mind my own business, but i noticed that she was running pretty gosh darn well.  I got onto the main path a little behind her and luckily i was on the inside of a long corner which allowed me to pull even.

so, we head down the road for a ways and she turns over my way and asks if i used to run in high school.  i turn my head and get a good look and confirm that, yeah, she runs well.  much better than me and probably a lot faster. we start striking up a conversation i learn that she runs for USF and loves the sport and is hoping to stick with it after she graduates.  it’s a pleaseant conversation.  she runs really well.

anyway, my workout of the day was 30 min. and as we go along, i quickly notice that my time is running out.  there are two things on my mind.  1) there’s no way i can keep up with this girl for much longer and 2) what are my options here? no pen. no paper. no business card. no way to try to continue this little chance meeting.  i could try to ask for her number but i didn’t think i’d be able to remember it.  and then if i forgot and never called her . . . but, i could give her my email address . . . but that’s just lame.  geeky, sad lame.  maybe i could . . . beep beep beep beep. the mr. roboto in me takes over and i turn around . . .
as an epilogue, i go JW P.I. mode and check out the athletics page of USF.  Her picture is plastered on the banner of the site. and, yeah, sure enough, she’s fast. really fast.  man . . .