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Open Season

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

hey, look! push-ups.

(00:07) – +50
(00:27) – +50
(08:35) – +50
(09:35) – +50
(10:05) – +50
(10:35) – +50
(13:35) – +50
(16:26) – +50
(22:05) – +50
(22:35) – +50

So, y’know . . .

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

For a sports hero, this is a shitty thing to do. I mean retiring right after i’ve left new york, invested all my cash into an oversized dorm room, and am too broke to make it out to watch your final matches.

if any of y’all out there have some U.S. Open tickets, particularly an agassi match, and would like to share, well, like, i’m here for ya.

Outlook Killer?

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

todo.txt. brilliant!

From Bible-Beater to Grand Pooh-Bah

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Was listening to NPR this morning and they were interviewing Michael Gerson, former evangelist turned chief speechwriter turned senior pollicy maker for dubya. apparently, he’s famous for his coined phrases which include “axis of evil” and “armies of compassion.”

anyway, I tuned in in the middle of the interview, and i have to admit that I didn’t know who this guy was nor had i ever heard of him, but somehow, he quickly began to piss me off. Some choice snippets:

About 5:00 min mark while taking about the katrina speech about building a new and better than before:

Reality can be difficult and can take a long time and can be messy and complicated and that requires a president and governement to be realistic about the limits of governement’s power, but i don’t think that argues against setting out the ideal

In other words, “we don’t mind bullshitting the people because we’re inept.”

About 6:30 min when asked if his time in the whitehouse was the pinnacle of his achievments:

I can’t look at it like that . . . As a person of faith i know the pitily pull [ed. is that what he really says? what is the derrivation of that phrase?] of my achievemnt lies elswehere, i know i lies with my family, it lies with my children . . .

So, what you’re saying is . . . you had a chance to influence an entire nation and that pales in comparison  to your family?  no wonder we’re fucked. we have a bunch of selfish bastards running the show. color me naive, but shouldn’t the people in power be galvanized by the cause of public service?

One Year Down

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

It’s official. Today marks one year at the Y bang. Just got an email from e-trade: You Have Newly Vested Shares. I actually meant to make this a two parter. one on May 20th (last day at CCIT) and one today, but well, not all plans come to fruition. I also intended this to be a bit of retrospective, an evaluation of sorts. The pros, the cons and how it all bleeds into the big picture. But, now that i’m here, well, like i said, fruit is hard to come by.

Instead, i offer a story about the salad bar at Y bang. Let’s see, how should i start this . . .

There is a salad bar at the Y bang. Actually, there are multiple salad bars at the Y bang. The one i speak of resides on the first floor of my building, building F. Over the past few months, i’ve become very aquainted with said salad bar. I roll up every day greeted by fresh spinach, mixed greens, and crisp romaine lettuce. A selection of shredded carrots, sliced cucumbers, and cobb-less corn are accompanied by a variety of dressings, crutons, and mixed fruit. Artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes round out the selection. All in all, it’s a pretty decent spread. But there’s one thing that gets me about this salad bar. An interesting phenomenon ehibits itself almost without fail, and that phenomenon is a mutal exclusion amongst feta and bacon bits.

It gets me every time, which, considering i eat from this thing almost daily, is quite often. All i want is bacon and feta together in one bowl. To taste that smokey meat juxtaposed with that greek god of cheeses. It has become an obsession.

I once asked teressa (the check-out lady) about it. “The bacon bits, teressa! it’s all about the bacon bits! where are the bacon bits?” The next day bacon bits were sighted only to left abandoned by feta. what cruel, cruel punishment.

“The feta, teressa! it’s all about the feta!, where’s the feta?”

The next day, feta . . . and bacon bits! eureka! praise be to the deity of your choice for this was truly divine! In that moment, it was as if i stood upon mount olympus itself. smokey bacon. salty feta. shudder.

But, heaven wouldn’t wait for me to watch the stars. since that day, the bacon-feta has vanished from sight never to be seen again. cast from eden am i.

it’s as if this salad bar only exists to deny me the satisfaction of feta with bacon bits. And, I am fully aware that feta and bacon alone do not a proper salad make.  In fact, it probably only makes 5% of a salad, the remainder being forged from the coruncopia of legumes the salad bar does provides me. So, why does this 5% seem like such a big deal? Why do i obsess over it? How is it that such a small thing has come to define raison d’etre?

Sports Bloggers of the World, Unite!

Monday, June 19th, 2006

Ah, blogging. What a great little movement we have going on the interweb. It’s the technicolor on the Wizard of Oz. The extended, wide screen edition directors cut of your favorite movie. The salt and pepper on a succulent fillet (salmon, mignon, tofu, you choose).

Getting to the point, we in the Y! Sports camp have learned a lot from reading your blogs–how big ben’s accident will affect the gubernatorial election, Ron Artest’s summer job as a bus driver, that some people out there really hate dusty baker.  All this from a bunch of blogs. Fantastic, isn’t it?  Well, we think so, and we figured it would be nice to help spread the word about all that’s being said in the sports world. So today, we released team blogospheres on our beta site. You can check it out by navigating to your favorite team’s page.

Kidding aside, we know that a lot of you fans out there have opinions and are actively blogging about your favorite teams. We’re trying to give you a bigger audience because we also know that there are plenty of fans out there that want a local fan perspective, even if it is a bit biased. Or maybe just because it is a bit biased. So go check out your favorite team and see what’s kicking around in their blogosphere.


Saturday, June 17th, 2006

quotes of the day:

Oh my god, i didn’t recognize you with the hair.  I hope i didn’t give you an awkward look

And, from another:

Dude, i like the hair. It makes you look dangerous.

Still Standing

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Got paged at 5AM this morning.  Just in time for this. Yay. First earthquake in the new home.

I’m calling it.

Friday, June 9th, 2006

I no longer recognized the State of Texas as a member of the Union.  Holy shit balls. How can one state be filled with so many vile people? While I’m at it, i might as well forsake our current government representation which seems void of character and brimming with dissappointment.

The College Years

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

In the ever continuing expansion of NCAA coverage here at the Y! Sports, i’m pleased to announce the unveiling of NCAAB Player Profiles in preparation for our 2006 NBA Draft coverage.

Why is this so exciting? Well, now you can keep track of your favorite players‘ travails as they make their way from the bowels of obscurity(2-25!) to, well, maybe the esophageal sphincter(11-16. I know, not a winning record, but hey, this is the ivy league columbia.).