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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

while bitching to carmen:

carmen: it is completely obvious that you have been living alone for a long time.

kitchen clean

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

jlee was in town last weekend. she came thursday afternoon and she had to fend for herself on friday cause i had work. when i got home that night, everything that used to be on the kitchen counter was gone. i have to admit that i panicked for a bit. jlee dropped a hint that she might do a little cleaning, but i thought it would be more  along the lines of, like, wiping down counter tops or something.

anyway, initial reaction was “gee, what did i use to have on the ktichen counter?” it took me several minutes to catalog what was important to me that was no longer there, and after some hunting a pecking i finally managed to find my bean grinder which made me happy. otherwise, kevin’s silverware was tucked away into drawers and some plastic bowls were stashed away into a corner. i made a note to myself to have jlee walk me through the new layout.

fast forward. jlee gets home a couple hours later and the best line from our ensuing conversation went something like:

jlee: well, i figured you were so used to having no say in things that i just went ahead and did it.

i had to laugh at that one, but a small part of me was crying on the inside.

a couple days later, i was talking to kevin about the new and improved kitchen and that went something along the lines of:

me: do you like the new kitchen? jlee went through and cleaned it up.
kevin: yeah. i was like “cool, everything is gone!”
me: really? i was like “uhhh . . . where did everything go?!?”

ah. microcosms are so illustrative sometimes.


Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

i drove jlee to the airport sunday night and, upon return, found my brother had parked his car on the curb in front of our driveway preventing me from putting the bullet into the garage. consider me irked. nevermind that earlier in the day he had already washed my sheets with his bathroom floor mat and taken out the garbage without taking out the garbage. also nevermind that 20 feet behind him as a nice parking space he could have taken which would not have blocked my access to the driveway or the garage.

anyway, moving on. so kevin’s car is parked in front of our driveway, the garage door is completely open, and the garage lights are on, but no one’s actually in the garage. i’m a little more irked at this point because a couple weeks ago he called me up wondering why our electricity bill had gone up 66% last month and here he was wasting heat and electricity. deep sigh. i go find parking on the street, head into the garage and close the garage door behind me. i leave the lights on in case kevin was planning on doing another load of laundry.
the brother stayed for about an hour before leaving. we said our goodbyes and i decided to watch an episode of the daily show before i go out and drive the car into the garage. daily show ends. i’m in a bit of a better mood, grab my keys, head into the garage and . . . . the garage lights are still on. now, what the fuck? brother couldn’t turn off the garage lights on his way out? eessh.

incredibly obvious that i need to get out of this place for a little while.


Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Jlee was in town this past weekend so we went down to visit the chubury residence down in slo. we’re pulling into home on sunday night and i notice the garbage cans are out on the sidewalk. i think, “gee, how nice, kevin took the garbage cans out for tomorrow.” I happen to have an empty coffee cup on me cause i needed a jolt for the 230 mile drive home and so i take the cup with me down to the curb to toss it. I lift the lid and . . . the garbage can is empty. i blink in disbelief. he took the garbage out . . . without taking the garbage out!

I’m pretty incredulous at this and start swearing. jlee tells me i expect too much of people.


Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

monday early evening:

kevin: i’m going to wash the sheets in my room. do you need anything washed?

me: yeah, could you wash my sheets as well?

I get home, the washer finishes up and i start to put the load in the dryer. i pull a duvet out, a sheet, a pillow case or two and then . . . the bathroom floor mat. the bathroom floor mat? who washes their sheets with their floor mats?


Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

the astute reader will notice the end of push-up thursdays many a week ago. the reason? well, ever since the y! strongest man contest, the old right shoulder has been bothering me.  I tried to work through it, but after a couple of weeks, the thing just deteriorated. couldn’t hold my arm above my head or put it behind my back.  tried to rest it, but after four weeks, there wasn’t much change.

so, finally dialed up the physical therapist and got an appointment and it turns out that i stretched out the tendons and/or ligaments in that shoulder socket. doc says i’ll be sidelined for eight weeks. lame.

Correction: attack gecko absent

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

is attack gecko launching ncaaf player cards.

Forgot that i launched these bad boys. Now you can go track the rise and fall of your favorite college football players.

Wow, are we really 3-1 this year? One more W and we’ll have more wins this year than in the past two years combined!

Jason attack gecko absent

Friday, October 6th, 2006

was jason attack gecko watching too much daily show and colbert report and feeling dwarfed by sheer brilliance. since adding that to my dvr schedule i’ve really had nothing to say. inadequate in my pontification skills am i. Then again, that’s probably why they’re on tv and i’m not.

Then again, i guess i could have blogged about the beck concert. i was on the outside looking in for our hack day. oh well, opportunity lost. but, c’mon, it’s not like i’m living the exciting life of a grad student and there are no riots here, either. So, what’s a brother to do? I take that back, we were just ambushed by a bunch of nerf-gun-toting entertainment engineers.
By the way, folks, October 13th is the last day to register to vote. Not that anyone who reads this blog isn’t already registered, but whatever. i try. perhaps to just makes me feel better that i might be reaching out to one of the many people who trip on this site while searching for “noggin icons.”

Of course, after the 13th, we’ll be switching over to the “get out and vote” message. Although, it occurs to me that i might be in vegas during election day. go, go absentee ballot!

Ooph, apologies for the stale delivery. perhaps listening to too much npr . . .