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Shuttle Bus riders are Wusses

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

I stopped riding the shuttle bus to work this summer. There are a number of reasons. Carmen being here is one, but overall, the crowd on the bus just started getting to me. why, you ask? because they’re a bunch of wusses. wussy whiners. don’t do this, stop doing that, blah, blah, blah.

Things really turned for the worse when a bunch of riders put up such a yelp that they changed the bus routes to run san francisco -> santa clara -> sunnyvale in the mornings and the reverse route in the evenings. For those not in the know, san francisco is north of sunnyvale and sunnyvale is north of santa clara. thus, this route makes absolutely no sense. for the provincial new yorker, it’s like the 1/9 going from 116th to south ferry first and then back up to times square. stooopid.

anyway, to further solidify my contempt for the shuttle, this was sent to all south bay employees today:

Golden Rules for Shuttle Riders

You Can Make the <edited to protect . . . sombody> Shuttles Even Better!

As awesome as the shuttles are, you can make them even awesomer by following a few simple rules. This list is the result of a community input process – thanks to many suggestions from shuttle riders. (Special thanks to <edited to protect the guilty>.) Here are the “Golden Rules” of shuttle riding:

1. Respect the line when waiting for the bus. Wait at the end of it when you arrive. Board the bus after the person who started waiting just before you.

2. Keep the aisle seat free of your stuff and yourself until the bus is fully loaded. This is especially important in the rows with more legroom. Use the space under the seat, the overhead compartment and even the cargo storage to hold your belongings. Keep the aisle clear too.

3. If someone sits directly behind you and your seat is reclined, raise it …unless you’re in front of one of those exceptionally wide leg room rows (the faux exit rows).

4. In a relatively empty bus sit staggered once the bus is loaded, i.e., one row window, next row aisle and so forth. This way everyone can recline to their hearts’, backs’ and legs’ content.

5. Phone conversations… sigh… please just realize that not everyone has headphones and that no one wants to hear your conversation. Speak to your phone as quietly as possible… or just wait until you arrive at your destination to take and place calls.

6. Likewise, chat softly with your shuttle buddies. We know this is your special time together, but it’s also a special nap (or work) time for the guy in front of you.

7. If you drive to your shuttle stop, park in the pre-designated areas. If you don’t, the local jurisdiction might ask us to relocate the shuttle stop.

8. If you are working on your laptop on the shuttle, try not to elbow your seatmate. Actually, whatever you are doing, try not to elbow your seatmate.

9. Use the wi-fi gently. Remember it’s for all riders and don’t watch any streaming video or download large files. If you need a large file, download before you leave your desk/home.

10. If you eat or drink on board, please take your trash with you when you alight.

The return of radio?

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

So, there’s a new radio stations in town, movin 99.7, and it might just mark my return to music on fm radio. It’s got a little new school and a little old school, the dj drivel is minimized and it feels like they’re playing music that people want to hear and not what the music people want you to hear. although, to be fair, it is owned by cbs. go figure.

So, what are you doing on may 26, 2008?

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

asked my brother of me . . .