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burger me

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

It’s almost 1:30am and i can’t get to sleep. To what do i owe this insomnia? Well, you see, I was supposed to go the the gym today, but felt more like going to a bar. except, being that the Y! sports team just got back from vegas where i practically bathed in alcohol, i figured bar was no good. Luckily, baray and family were meeting up with the robinsons for dinner at the counter tonight.

so, usually, when i hit up one of these “make your own burger” places, i trend toward the western bacon cheeseburger model, but today was different. I felt a little crazy, so i opted for the breakfast burger: bacon, mushrooms, swiss, and fried egg on an english muffin. I can gladly say i’d recommend it.

ah . . late night, non-sensical blogging. I feel like i had a point to this blog post, but after a quick read, i see that i didn’t. hmm . . . maybe it was that i can’t get to sleep because i have this breakfast burger sitting in my stomach. oh well, i feel like some scotch. oh, vegas . . . oh, scotch.


Monday, September 17th, 2007

Six years to the day. Six years and this is the first time i’m in sacramento on the day.

It’s odd how the family has started to move on. I guess kevin never really put much weight on today, and i had to remind mom this year because she thought it was tomorrow. I’m not sure if that means i’m holding on too tight or everyone’s letting go too early. Maybe neither. who knows.

Anyway, it’ll be nice to visit nanny’s grave this year.

Coming Out

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

I’m coming out! I’m coming out for Barack Obama for President!

I actually got into quite a heated argument with the bro, sister-in-law, and carmen the other day about this very subject. They all lean towards a different candidate. A candidate who, to me, has exhibited nothing but the same, tired rhetoric of things past. A candidate who would polarize the american people. A candidate who the Republicans would love to see win the Democratic nomination because it would mean a much greater chance of the GOP winning the next election. Luckily, i found out that my brother doesn’t plan to change his party affiliation from I to D, so i don’t worry about him anymore.

So what do I like about Obama? First, go to and listen to his view on education. Go ahead. I’ll wait . . .it gets good at around the 2:55 mark . . . . you back with me? Holy Shit, isn’t that awesome?!? I wasn’t alive when JFK gave his call to arms to beat the Russians to the moon, but I remember when I first heard it. I remember the chills I got. And for all the years since, I’ve been waiting to hear another President make a similar speech. A re-emphasis on science and engineering. Another cause to rally the the country in education. And this time, it’s not to beat the commies to space, but to save the f-ing planet! I would love to hear that speech in the new administration.

There are other things that i like about Obama which i’ll probably share at a later date, but i’ll end with just a little reminder that you have to be registered ‘D’ if you want to vote in the primaries.

Game Time!

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

dsc00040, originally uploaded by attack_gecko.

Got tickets to monday night football on opening weekend. Cardinals vs. Niners. Awesome.