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for some reason

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

I find this moving.

sporting a new os

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

took the time to install (finally) the latest and greatest from the fedora crew, release 8. what are my impressions so far? not bad. I’m happy that the inevitable shit storm that is NetworkManager is not yet the default. I’m really worried about that thing for a couple reasons: 1) it doesn’t start network services until you log in, which leaves you ssh server, or any other server for that matter, sol. 2) you need to type in your damn password for the keyring manager before you can connect to any wifi networks. remind me again why everyone’s so crazy about this thing?

anyway, what was nice (sorta) was the network install that i did. just downloaded the 100MB rescue disc iso, popped it in and pointed it to the ftp servers on and it did the rest. the install did take significantly longer, but oh well. better than having to go out and lay down some bucks for dvd media which seems to be the only way to get a full distro now.

other niceties: the games selection is ginormous. i spent 10 minutes browsing through those options. also, you can hook up to other yum repositories during the install process, so you can have livna right off the bat. also, gnome is actually (gulp) coming along nicely. there are all sorts of extra packages to install to make it more customizable. perhaps one day i’ll finally switch . . . one day.

some other cool candy includes a desktop background that changes shades with the time of day. compiz is supposed to work, but i haven’t been able to get it going, though. but who needs wobbly windows anyway?

one big shout out has to go to the new dejavu fonts. call me square but this shit is super easy to read. it might take up a bit more space, but i have to say i prefer it. haven’t even thought about installing the ms ttf fonts package.

one the downside, the new pulse audio system still isn’t widely supported enough. i can’t seem to get mplayer working with it. also, selinux is still on the shits. i find it hilarious how they keep trying with this thing. i have to give them credit. i mean the stock selinux rules prevent you from updating the stock selinux rules. it’s a cruel, cruel world. also, i’m suspect on how yum is working. it’s missed a couple packages that had updates available. hmmm . . ..