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Notes on the grammys

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

if there is ever a night of music to tune in to, it’s the grammys. I love what they’ve done with the show. Focusing in performances rather than awards has resulted in an annual shot in the arm for the industry. too bad no one else is noticing. That being said, the grammys is both the best night for music and a display of how desperate the industry has become. The pairing of the old with the new and the american-idol-esque violin competition (violin competition?!?), just puts on display the failure of the industry to connect with its audience. that being said, a few remarks:

  • new rule: never, ever miss an alicia keys performance at the grammys. just don’t do it.
  • if the music industry could find some way to embrace kanye, and alternatively, if kanye could stop being such a prick, he could single handedly save the music industry
  • there’s something about rihanna. she doesn’t quite carry the room, yet, but maybe in a few years . ..
  • tina turner, good. botox’d tina turner in silver leotard, not so good.
  • dressing up carrie underwood like a whore? country music. still depressing after all these years.

Celebrity Plug

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

In case you haven’t seen it:

Hi res version available at dipdive