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Disappointment (FISA)

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. While unshaken in my support because he is doing a lot of things right, i have to lay down the obama gear and hold the donations for a few months after he decided to back the new FISA bill. I know there has to be some angle in this, but i don’t see it. The dude taught constitutional law, he’s got to know this FISA bill is poo-poo on a stick.

Anyway, at least a few brave souls have stood up and intend to block this puppy . . . wow, did i just call Reid a brave soul? oh man.

Maybe the angle is he does this to look “strong” on national defense to the general population and rest assured knowing his fellow dems are going to make sure this doesn’t pass. Hmm . . . after thinking about that, I really don’t like that angle. It’s out of character and a bit too shady for the politics of hope. Also, this looking strong business ends up making him look stupid.

regardless, i’m at a double loss since pelosi is actually represents my district. ooph. so both my candidate and my rep have screwed the american people. i need to go make some phone calls.

Superhero Shape

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Being a superhero ain’t easy. I can say this with some degree of confidence.

First, there’s the whole decision to become a superhero. The long hours, always being on call. Crime never sleeps, blah blah blah.

Once the decision is made, you have to get the superhero body, and apparently even old dudes are pretty ripped. This part takes the longest so getting started early is recommended.

Then, there are the duds. Unfortunately unlike people, not all long underwear are created equal. Apparently most or made for fat men with short torsos, no wrists, and long pinkies. Also, if you get the wrong stuff, your girlfriend with high standards will just laugh at you and say things like, “that’s the scariest looking mask i’ve ever seen.” Luckily, there are ways around that when you live in a city. Namely, go straight to the rental store. And when you go to the rental store, go there in a car. It doesn’t help your secret identity or your self image when you’re waiting at a muni stop with your garb in a dry cleaning bag.

Next, there’s pleasing the public. There are all sorts of aspects to this one. The public is a strange beast. Sometimes they run away from you. Sometimes they embrace you. Sometimes they ask you to do crazy things like crawl up the side of a wall. Mostly, though, they want to go hang out with cinderella. And, y’know, you just have to do the best you can. Saddle up and say, “hi, im’ really friendly. there’s no need to be scared. I’m a superhero.” Or, “You know, i only do that wall crawling thing when there are bad guys around.”

Finally, you have to look good when people are trying to take pictures of you. This might be the hardest part of the entire job. I mean, it’s like you need to be aware of every body position you make because the last thing you want is to be caught on camera slouching. That would just totally ruin your superhero street cred.

But, in the end it’s worth it. You put the effort in (no drinking, see superhero body above), make the sacrifices (hey, pride, get back here this instant!), and make sure you come through for people that matter.

Fedora 9 in the hizzie

Friday, June 6th, 2008

And so another fedora release has made its way onto my laptop. Have i ever said i need to find another distro? Well, i need to find a new distro. some low lights:

  • If you have an ATI card, sit this one out for a bit until the kids release an xorg 1.5 compatible version. my box is crawling here. crawling.
  • networkmanager is now the default . yup, it still sucks. every now and then it refuses to connect to my wireless net. sigh.
  • tried gnome/metacity again. up, it still sucks. so i installed windowmaker
  • windowmaker is BROKEN. sigh. i was about to go grab the source and compile it myself but isn’t responding no more.
  • i’m giving xfce a try. i mean, how long can one stick with windowmaker anyway? it’s going alright so far. i mean i did install every possible config/tweak package for it
  • new synaptics touchpad driver now defaults to no tapping. yup, that sucks. sigh.

now for the highlights:

  • Upstart, the new init system, vastly increases boot speed. now i need to go read up on how it works.

yeah, i’m a little thin on the highlights . . . i need to find a new distro. . .