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Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Caught the latest bond flick last night with Carmen. It was good. A little thin on depth, i think, since it was packed with plot.

On the bus ride home, Carmen and I were talking about how she liked that the new daniel craig incarnation relies less on cool gadgets and more on bad-assery. Our conversation then turned to the only dazzle gadget in the movie which was this touch screen interface that seems to be the IT tool of choice at MI6. It basically looks like they got ten or twelve flash monkeys in a room, loaded them up with red bull, and let them go crazy with spinning gears and gifs of scanned documents and pictures. It had a nice effect overall and it looked fairly believable to interact with.

There was this one scene in particular that caught my attention. Bond is spelling the name “greene” and the interface was trying to work its speech to text mojo, typing out the name as it’s being spelled. Being the tech-savvy secret agent, bond goes spelling be style: “greene. g-r-,” then. showing a flair of sophistication, he goes for the, “double-e,” then finishes with “n-e.” For some reason, i was paying close attention to the touchscreen as it put up the g and r and then, for a split second after the “double,” it throws up a “w,” and then after bond says, “e,” the screen erases the “w” and throws up “ee.”

cute, right? poor little touch screen getting jerked around by a snobby british dude and his quirky way of spelling things . . . apparently, i was the only one that noticed.

and here. we. go . . .

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

The streets of new york are exuberant tonight. tears. joy. laughter. relief. hope.

get ready, folks. the Restoration has just begun. The long fight still lies ahead.

Congratulations, President-Elect Barack Obama.