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Hanging up the Hair Tie

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

samurai is so last season:

done deed, II

stay classy, sactown

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

how embarrassing. first our only pro team falls to last place. next, we steal lance armstrong’s bike.

sactown is the place to be.

traitor, midst, sheep, wolf

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I’ve been screwing up cliches lately, so i figured i’d just throw random words in this title that might conjure up my gist.

Does anyone out there in kings-land wonder why the bee brought back Scott Howard-Cooper? His distaste for the kings has always been evident. even in the glory days, everything he wrote was pro-so-cal franchises. It’s not a real surprise given his so-cal roots, but i’m just wondering what value he adds to kings coverage. His stories are nothing more than casual observations and random questions that he doesn’t want to bother thinking about so he posts them as stories.

anyway, on to my point, today’s shc post posits the question “Why do you still go to Kings games?

from the post:

The economy is in crisis. The team isn’t just bad, it’s bad and apathetic. The operation has been mishandled from the very top to the players who occasionally deign to give full effort. In that light, the woeful average attendance of 12,405 per home game, although last in the league, may be better than the Kings have a right to expect.

So: Why do you go?

I read this and it just re-affirms my belief that there are no real lakers’ fans–they all just get on and off the bandwagon whenever the record dictates. The notion of fan loyalty is such an alien concept to this guy that he can’t imagine watching a team that isn’t winning 80% of their games.

granted, any editor is probably thanking their lucky stars to have one sam amick on his staff, but c’mon sacbee, you can do better than scott howard-cooper.