Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Eat Strong

Just finished serving as 6th man for team No FOMO Runners (a.k.a. Team Eat Strong) in this year’s Ragnar Relay. 24 hours. 184 miles. 12 friends.

For posterity:
Leg 6 – 12:00pm – 4.9 miles – 36 min
Leg 18 – 10:40pm – 7.6 miles – 59:50 min
Leg 30 – 7:30am – 6.9 miles – 57:00 min

Total: 19.4 miles.
Average pace: 7:52

New firsts:
First time I’ve run 19.4 miles in 24 hours.
First time coconut water has ever tasted good.
First time calves have been non-functional.
First time Carmen has walked faster than me.

Notes to future self:
Train for it next time.
Advil and ice are your friends.
Soaking in a cold bath after 19.4 miles is priceless . . . as long as you get past the first 20 seconds.

You can re-live the experience at eatstrong.tumblr.com.

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2 Responses to “Ragnar”

  1. Kari Robinson Says:

    Wow! Great job, Jason!! Those are awesome times for your runs–I’m impressed!!

  2. Gecko Says:

    Hi Kari!

    Thanks! I was gunning for 7:30s all the way through, but leg 2 in the dead of night on a narrow shoulder, i figured it best to stay alive and I just didn’t have anything left for leg 3. we’ll see if i can do better next year.

    Did you run ragnar SoCal? I think baray mentioned something about that.

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