Week One In the Bag

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Five days into the Etsy tenure and other than a sloppy focus mishap (damn you Mac!) and feeling like my brain is going to get heartburn (telencephalon-burn?) from all the information I’ve digested, I’d say it went pretty well.

Actually, better than well. I can’t stop talking about this place. Dogs in the office? Awesome. My own lab coat? Awesome. Telephone booths? Awesome. Craft night? Awesome. Eatsy? Delicious. Having one of these in our kitchen? Awesome.

Most importantly, the people? Incredibly smart, talented, hard working and–wait for it–awesome.

Oh wait, I haven’t even talked about the work! How many places are there where you can go from zero to production deploy on day one? Or find yourself the subject of CTO tweet and team leader blog post?

Like I said, I can’t stop talking about this place. The good news? You can experience it for yourself because we’re hiring in NY and SF!

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3 Responses to “Week One In the Bag”

  1. J Lee Says:

    You work at etsy now!?! I love that web site. I buy stuff, well, look at stuff all the time. What precisely are you working on?

  2. Gecko Says:

    I’m working with the core platform team. For now we’re making sure the site gets to you in a reliable and timely way. If you’re ever back in the city, you should stop by the office. You’d love it!

  3. Crab Says:

    Got to say, you have had the best string of jobs of anyone I’ve ever known. You’re doing something right.

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