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Said a barista unto me

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

barista: you remind me of my cousin jimmy
me: uh . . . fantastic! . . . ?

I’m going to miss that coffee shop . . .

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Since the “You sound like you’re singing” girl has left, the other girl that works at the coffee shop has been a bit more talkative. a conversation from the other day:
girl: are you chinese or korean?
me: chinese
girl: really? you look korean.
me: yeah, i get that a lot. what is it about me that looks korean?
girl: it’s your style.

Style? . . . Style?!? this coffee shop is full of thing about me i’ve never heard before. I mean, i can honestly say that never in my 26 years have I been accused of having style . . . of any kind . . . hey everybody, I’ve got style!

ok, enough of that.

Oddly, later that night my cousin came down and asked me to teach him how to tie a full windsor.


Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

So, if i wake up late enough in the day, the owner of the corner coffee shop and who i think is her four or five year old daughter are in the store. The daughter is a cute little kid that usually runs away from me . .. except for today.

kid: you look like a monster!
me: a monster? why’s that?
kid: because you have those glasses on.
(i take off my sunglasses)
me: how about now?
kid: put your glasses back on!!!

On a side note, the girl who thinks i sound like i’m singing when i talk no longer works at the store. In her place is this irish dude. nice fellow. It turns out he used to be homeless and during that time, he’d make ~$250/day. I feel like i’ve told this story before . . .

anyway, at $250/day working five day weeks, that’s $65,000/year non-taxed!


Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

so there’s this girl at the coffe shop i go to every morning. you might be asking why i go to the coffee shop every morning when The Work provides me free coffee. The short answer is that i need a jolt before i start my morning commute. it’s a long drive. the long answer probably has something to do with supporting local businesses and ensuring that starbucks doesn’t take over the world. or something.
moving on, there’s this girl that works at the coffee shop on tuesdays, thursdays, and weekends. actually, there’s a girl there everyday, but this girl is the most fun to talk to.

so, i’ve been going to this coffee shop for the past few months. often enough that they have my order ready for me before i get to the register. today, i walk in and put out the standard package. “happy x_day.” “what’s shakin’?” etc. usually, i get a giggle or two. maybe a little smile. something to get the day started out right. but, today was a little different. as i’m paying for my drink she says:
“You know, when you talk, the way you say things, it sounds like you’re singing.”

I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me before. logically, i probably should have said something to the effect of “gee, know one’s ever said that to me before.” alas, my inability to to the logical thing when i’m on my feet. so, instead, i respond, “I guess i’ll take that as a compliement.”

this touches on a couple things. 1) the first time someone says something about you that you’ve never heard. and 2) my inability to think on my feet. i guess i should be happy that i don’t do stupid things on my feet. had it been later in the day and had i been drunk, i might have quipped, “baby, that’s just the motion of my ocean.” accompanied with a wink or something.

anyway, it just made me think of the last time something like this happened. i was at a restuarant in new york, rain, and the waiter came up to me and asked “do you do someting phyisical for your work?” i politely shook my head and said, “no.” to which he resonded, “really? cause you have a great physical presence.”

I have yet to decifer what that means, and what was his intent.

continuing with the story here, another thing that made this morning odd was this other guy in the coffe shop attempting to bequeath some sacred knowledge upon us. He picked up an empty coffee cup and said, “You know how many quarters this cup can hold? Twenty dollars! i once took a cup like this, filled it up with quarters and counted it myself. Twenty dollars!”