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On the road again

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Sorry to break the silence with a book keeping post. Got some new shoes over the last week. It’s been well over a year since i bought a new pair, but to be fair, i’ve been busted up during that time. anyway, decided to mix it up a little bit this time. I loved those trigon 4s, but went with a stability shoe for this round with the progrid guides. took them for a test spin this past weekend and they felt pretty gosh darn good.

Re-up the kicks

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Got a new pair of running shoes. Same as the old ones. Exactly the same, actually. Looks like it’ been ten months? wow. that’s a long time.

New Kicks

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
Saucony Grid Trigon 4

Got new kicks over the long weekend. Saucony Grid Trigon 4. Me and saucony go way back. back to the jazz days in high school.  After a bad experience with the trigon 2, i switched to mizuno wave riders, but word on the street is that the new incarnation of those aren’t so hot. So, did a little digging around and decided to give the new trigons a go.

Took them for a three miler and here are my impressions: Much more cushion than previous trigons. Hopefully, this will lead to a longer lasting shoe. The forefoot is wider which corrects one of my gripes about the older models. The heel to toe transition is super improved, more like the jazz series, and makes for a really nice ride. The mesh seems to breath pretty well, so your feet should stay pretty cool. If you’re the type that likes to feel the road when you run, this probably isn’t the shoe for you. With all the extra cushion, they definitely feel a bit clunky.

Anyway, noting this for personal reasons as i attempt to figure out how often i replace my shoes.