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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I’ve been screwing up cliches lately, so i figured i’d just throw random words in this title that might conjure up my gist.

Does anyone out there in kings-land wonder why the bee brought back Scott Howard-Cooper? His distaste for the kings has always been evident. even in the glory days, everything he wrote was pro-so-cal franchises. It’s not a real surprise given his so-cal roots, but i’m just wondering what value he adds to kings coverage. His stories are nothing more than casual observations and random questions that he doesn’t want to bother thinking about so he posts them as stories.

anyway, on to my point, today’s shc post posits the question “Why do you still go to Kings games?

from the post:

The economy is in crisis. The team isn’t just bad, it’s bad and apathetic. The operation has been mishandled from the very top to the players who occasionally deign to give full effort. In that light, the woeful average attendance of 12,405 per home game, although last in the league, may be better than the Kings have a right to expect.

So: Why do you go?

I read this and it just re-affirms my belief that there are no real lakers’ fans–they all just get on and off the bandwagon whenever the record dictates. The notion of fan loyalty is such an alien concept to this guy that he can’t imagine watching a team that isn’t winning 80% of their games.

granted, any editor is probably thanking their lucky stars to have one sam amick on his staff, but c’mon sacbee, you can do better than scott howard-cooper.

Shattered dreams

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Oh, NBA television rights why do you hate me so?

of concern is the crushing footnote:

Sacramento Kings games are not available in the Bay Area due to NBA restrictions.
ESPNEWS and other programming will air during games and replays.

f-ing warriors.

the sound of 18,000 pennies marching out of my piggy bank . . .

Adelman: Alright, I’ll weigh in . . .

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

So, the Kings and Adelman have agreed not to continue their relationship. This is pretty much rocking Kings Nation right now. Some say good, some say bad.

The Adelman haters wil argue that he just doesn’t have what it takes and the empty trophy case is proof. I say that the combination of players and coaches just hasn’t been there. Yeah, there were the explosive Webber-Divac days that climaxed in a 61 win season and may never be equaled in terms of entertaining basketball, but those guys were all fun and no edge. Those guys didn’t have the intangibles necessary to win a championship. the intangibles. You can’t coach the intangibles.

Adelman lovers will put forth his record the past eight years. You can’t really argue with that.

So, what do you do when your season ends in may? You fire someone or trade players.

Does the move make sense? I’d say no. not at this point. I don’t think there’s another coach out there that can navigate the ego infested water that is the professional athletics like Rick Adelman. I think that was the key to the entire second half of the season. With the team playing the way they were at the end, it could have been magical. Additionally, from the Kings’ standpoint, you don’t get rid of a coach like adelman until you’ve already found your replacement. For proof, see the firing of Mariucci by the 49ers. such is the way of northern california profesional sports, i guess.

That being said, Adelman does have flaws. I absolutely hate the way he manages games, often letting teams go on 17 to 1 runs before calling a timeout. Perhaps it’s a philosophy thing. I’ve never played basketball, but i believe in winning games now and not at the end and if taking timeouts now leads to winning games now, then why save them for later? Of course there’s the phil jackon, “play through it and learn” school of thought as well, but there’s a time and place for that. Like the first 3/4 of the season. If your players haven’t learned by 3/4 of the season, chances are you need to adapt.

Also, although you can’t coach intangibles, you can inspire through your own, and often, i’ve felt his intensity on the sidelines was missing. He was always conservative in pushing peoples buttons, and i think could have pushed a few more times than he did.

Overall, though, i have a great appreciation for what Adelman has done. So, thanks, coach for all the years of great basketball. Good luck to you, and i hope you find that championship one day. I think golden state will be looking for a new coach if you’re interested in staying in the area.


Looking to the future, i think what’s more devastating than the loss of rick adelman, is the loss of elston turner and pete carril. it’s going to be tough to watch games without those two on the sidelines.

So, candidates for the new job? I have a couple. At the top of my list are Byron Scott or one of the Van Gundys.

I like the Van Gundys. They come from the Pat Riley school of basketball and that’s some impressive heritage there. Plus, I’ve seen first hand what they’ve done with the Knicks and the Heat. I mean, the knicks just imploded after jeff left. yeah, jeff isn’t doing so well with the rockets, but think he’s got one and a half good players and then a supporting cast that was rife with injury and shallow in talent. Instead, one should look at what he’s done with Yao this year. wowzers. And the Heat had a great run last year with Steve at the helm. It was almost dark horse style. I mean even with shaq, no one really gave them a shot at the beginning of the season.

As for Byron, he’s a hard nosed coach. I like his intensity. I like his seize the moment attitude. Yeah, there have been complaints from players, but softie wife beaters like jason kid an injury prone prima donnas like baron davis shouldn’t count. I actually think his intensity would be a good compliment to Ron-Ron and might even get bibby and miller to play some d.

It’s been rumored . . .

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

that the following is a depiction of the Hand of God.

Hand of God

although the rumors are unconfirmed, what is known at this time is that, whatever it may be, it hurts.


Monday, April 24th, 2006

What a bunch of horseshit! I can’t believe artest was suspended.  He gets his lip split and manu gets to play on. Manu runs into ron-ron and artest gets suspended!  unbelievable!  it wasn’t even called a flagrant foul! how can stu jackson look himself in the mirror? the state of nba officiating has seriously slid down the pole like a stripper collecting tips. sad . . . just sad.  I guess it’s another +1 to the Kings-Refs conspiracy contingent.

Welcome to Walton’s World

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Was browsing a certain source and saw this post wherein one Bill Walton sings the praises of my beloved Kings. Holy schnikies! what the hell has happened in the fair land of basketball?!? Bill Walton saying something good about a team not from LA or San Antonio?!?  Bill Walton saying something good about a player not named Shaq, Kobe, or Duncan?
What’s next? Steve Kerr pumping a team other than the Spurs?

Oh my stars and garters . . .