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new! new! new! new!

November 25th, 2009

a season of new has arrived. new job. new fedora. new dev box. new kings season.

one of those things doesn’t quite belong. anyway, first week and a half down and things are still in the feeling out stage. exciting and daunting at the same time as scope is large and time lines are aggressive. It’ll work itself out, i’m sure.

On another note, new fedora! I am quasi sad to report that i’ve finally officially switched to using gnome . . . there, i said it. for those in the know, this next sentence will blow your mind even more. I’m now booting into run level 5, too. wow. i feel so dirty saying that, but alas, it was getting too difficult to figure out all the new daemons i had to get windowmaker to run in order to keep up with modern laptop features. in general, the box is fast enough where i don’t notice the performance difference between windowmaker and gnome. the panels still annoy the hell out of me, but i’m slowly learning how to use them. also, if i enable compiz and workspace as cube mode, i can drag windows between workspaces. kinda crazy that gnome requires you to have 3D acceleration just to drag windows between workspaces . . . so dirty . . . the one last hurdle hurdled was how gnome window geometry was absurdly large. my 80×25 emacs windows would take up a full quarter of my screen at 1400×1050. unacceptable. here’s the magic sauce in my .Xdefaults file that did the trick:

emacs.font: Monospace-12:antialias=True:pixelsize=12

you can mess with the pixelsize to get things to your liking. after each edit you have to hit

$ xrdb ~/.Xdefaults

speaking of emacs, after years of failed attempts with multiple major modes a la mmm-mode, it looks like there’s finally a good solution to be found in nXhtml. Finally a mode where php, javascript, css, and html can live happily together. the only down side are the hideous background region colors that are used to demarcate each mode. you can fix that by putting this in your .emacs:

‘(mumamo-background-chunk-major ((((class color) (min-colors 88) (background dark)) (:background “black”))))
‘(mumamo-background-chunk-submode1 ((((class color) (min-colors 88) (background dark)) (:background “black”))))
‘(mumamo-background-chunk-submode2 ((((class color) (min-colors 88) (background dark)) (:background “black”))))
‘(mumamo-background-chunk-submode3 ((((class color) (min-colors 88) (background dark)) (:background “black”))))
‘(mumamo-background-chunk-submode4 ((((class color) (min-colors 88) (background dark)) (:background “black”)))))

well, that’s all i got for now, folks. enjoy you turkey day!

Y! Sports Defender No More

November 5th, 2009

I’ve been trying to write this post in my head for a while now, but sometimes there’s no thinking like doing, so here it goes:

I’m in Sunnyvale this week finishing my last days at the Y Bang. Awkward is the only word that comes to mind right now. Saying goodbye to the people who have supported and shaped my life for the past four years is not something I take lightly, and although I’ve been working remotely for the past year, I’ll still miss my daily interactions with the group.

Deboarding the plane in SJC this past Sunday, I was a bit surprised to be awash in memories of the first days of my return to California and all the decisions that led to this point. I remembered landing in Oakland four years ago filled with excitement and enthusiasm. I think I even raised my hands in victory as I trotted down the stairs and took my first breaths of bay area air as a newly re-minted Californian. There was a lot to be happy about in addition to the sunshine and blue skies. I was tired of new york, I was going to be closer to family, and I had this great new job that blended two things that I really loved–engineering and sports. In hindsight, that moment is going to be hard to beat. But on this particular Sunday, all I could think about was how a lot of the things I was excited about just didn’t pan out–not necessarily in a negative way, but more in a non-expected way. I never thought I’d move back to New York and I certainly never thought I’d leave Yahoo!.

So, here I am. Y! Sports Defender no more. While leaving has it’s down sides, I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead at the new job. I’d like to say a final thank you to all my co-workers at the Y!. It’s been a lot of fun. If any of you are ever in NYC, give a holler. Otherwise, I’ll see you all on the Madden field.

pubes on a site

August 3rd, 2009

pubes on a site, originally uploaded by attack_gecko.

This blogging hiatus has been interrupted to bring you pubes on a site.

on the move. keep the eyes and ears open.

June 15th, 2009

looks like carmen and i will be moving next month. this will mark my second move in less than a year. A trend, i hope this does not make. Perhaps the crab set the moving curse upon me?

anyway, we’d have loved to stay here, but it turns out that the landlord has other plans for the apartment, so sorry to any kids out there looking to sweep this place up.

moving. again. in july. this is going to suck.

carmen was pretty upset about it. more than a few tears were shed over all the work she put into this place. And the curtains. oh, the curtains.I guess we shouldn’t have really unpacked all my stuff.

i’m trying to look at the bright side. there’s a possibility of moving into a building with fios! plus, who knows, maybe we luck out and find an even better apartment. maybe one that’s off of an avenue so the kids in snv no longer have to hear sirens blaring over the phone all the time.

so, i guess i should wrap this up by asking if anyone knows of an apartment in the east village area with fios. anyone?

I can’t be your trainer

June 11th, 2009

Over the past two and a half weeks, i’ve gotten carmen running with me. Carmen’s friends are impressed. They tell me they’ve never seen her run before.

anyway, it’s been going pretty well. we’ve been running three times a week. started at 20 minute runs and have worked our way up to 25 minute runs. actually, i should say that we started out with two back-to-back ten minute pieces and have worked our way up to one consecutive 25 minute run. We’ve progressed decently.

Are we where I think we should be after two and a half weeks? not really. I’m impatient, i know. We haven’t quite gotten to doing core work, push-ups, and squats that i’d like to introduce. We haven’t gotten to the stuff that really hurts. I’d love to get there, but i can’t be her trainer.

I can’t be her trainer because trainers need the latitude to make you cry.

Maybe it’s the militant way I was brought up in sports, but the only way i know how to get results is by breaking down the walls of rational thought. Crying is a pretty effective mean to that end. It’s like breaking a horse . . . almost. It doesn’t sound nice, I know. And it’s not that everyone has to cry. It’s more about being able to push them to that point.

The thing is, I know if i do make her cry, i’m the one that’s going to be hurting in the end, and maybe even our relationship will suffer. how much can you love a guy who makes you cry all the time? well . . . i guess she could develop some sort of stockholm syndrome or something.

anyway, the other day, it sorta happened. we got into an argument right before our run and i sorta left her in the dust for a good half a mile as i ran off some anger. eventually i calmed down a bit and realized what i was really doing. suddenly, this image of what she was experiencing, what it was like to see me running further and further away from her, popped into my head and my better nature came through. It wasn’t the sort of crying that you want to see, though. it was the “my boyfriend is a dick” crying instead of the “i’m so tired i’m going to puke” cry.

It also wasn’t a pleasant experience. We usually chat about our day while we run. It was total silence yesterday other than the occasional “watch out for the dog shit” signals. We didn’t talk much the rest of the night either. All-in-all pretty uncomfortable for a while.

We did, however, run a whole lot faster. We got about a minute thirty past our usual halfway point landmark, which means we found three extra minutes in a 25 minute run.

Was it worth it? The irrational in me says yes–it would have taken multiple weeks to reach that pace otherwise. Imagine how fast we could have run if it was the puke-crying! The rational says no–look at the cost! Inner conflict is so lame. We smoothed things out eventually. I think the cornish game hens i cooked up for dinner helped a bit. cooked in bacon fat with pearl onions.

moral of the story: maybe there are other ways to get people to perform, but making them cry sure is effective. and, no, I can’t be your trainer.

sub-moral of the story: i can be a real dick.

50 inches of phosphors

March 4th, 2009

I could spin a tale about how i was taken by surprise when a delivery man showed up at my front door with one of these bad boys. I could tell you that carmen really out did herself this time. I mean, wow, a new tv? for me? you shouldn’t have . . . thank you so much!


this post was brought to you by a sagging economy, the good people of capital one, and the phrase “0% APR”

Hanging up the Hair Tie

February 23rd, 2009

samurai is so last season:

done deed, II

stay classy, sactown

February 17th, 2009

how embarrassing. first our only pro team falls to last place. next, we steal lance armstrong’s bike.

sactown is the place to be.

traitor, midst, sheep, wolf

February 10th, 2009

I’ve been screwing up cliches lately, so i figured i’d just throw random words in this title that might conjure up my gist.

Does anyone out there in kings-land wonder why the bee brought back Scott Howard-Cooper? His distaste for the kings has always been evident. even in the glory days, everything he wrote was pro-so-cal franchises. It’s not a real surprise given his so-cal roots, but i’m just wondering what value he adds to kings coverage. His stories are nothing more than casual observations and random questions that he doesn’t want to bother thinking about so he posts them as stories.

anyway, on to my point, today’s shc post posits the question “Why do you still go to Kings games?

from the post:

The economy is in crisis. The team isn’t just bad, it’s bad and apathetic. The operation has been mishandled from the very top to the players who occasionally deign to give full effort. In that light, the woeful average attendance of 12,405 per home game, although last in the league, may be better than the Kings have a right to expect.

So: Why do you go?

I read this and it just re-affirms my belief that there are no real lakers’ fans–they all just get on and off the bandwagon whenever the record dictates. The notion of fan loyalty is such an alien concept to this guy that he can’t imagine watching a team that isn’t winning 80% of their games.

granted, any editor is probably thanking their lucky stars to have one sam amick on his staff, but c’mon sacbee, you can do better than scott howard-cooper.

a little plug

January 30th, 2009

In case you missed it, yodel anecdotal, the y! corp blog, did a piece on the y! sports fantasy team.

Meet the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports team @ Yahoo! Video

For the record, that soda pyramid has been there since the olympics.