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Engineering Leadership and Management

Leadership is an exploration of the unknown. Some days are filled with fantastic discoveries and others find you face to face with what feels like insurmountable obstacles. I’ve lived through a lot of those tough days, and I’d like to help you get through them.

I believe the path to high functioning organizations with a sustainable leadership model lies in strengthening your team’s management practice. This means investing in foundational skills, sharpening communication skills, building a First Team mentality, and creating frameworks to assist your team with difficult conversations and decisions.

Strengthening Your Team’s Management Practice

  • Communication: Helping your team understand the urgency and importance of their work is key to keeping them motivated and aligned with the business. Whether it’s a company pivot, roadmap change, or reorg, I can help you craft inspiring narratives, develop solid talking points, and help you prepare for the inevitable questions that come with uncertainty and change.
  • Fostering a First Team: When you bring your team together, are they all typing on their keyboards instead of engaging with their peers? Do you find that items on your team’s task list get kicked over week after week? Teamwork at the leadership level enables you to do hard things, but getting your leaders to work together isn’t always easy. During this multi-week engagement, I’ll embed with your engineering managers and leaders to understand the challenges preventing your leadership team from working as a cohesive unit, and help you develop a plan to create a First Team.
  • Framework Development and Analysis: Good frameworks are powerful tools that reduce the cognitive load of getting things done. They enable you to channel the energies of your team into productive and pleasantly surprising ways. Does your team know when and how to introduce new technologies? Do your new managers know what a year in management looks like? From documenting your unwritten rules to setting up career ladders or interview processes, I can help you develop frameworks that normalize your preferred practices so your team can spend less time on minutia and can focus their energies on things that really matter.
  • Manager Coaching: Do you want a manager outside your actual manager? Maybe you’re dealing with a tricky human problem, feeling stuck in your career, or just trying to gain some confidence in a time of uncertainty. I’ve managed teams from size 3 to 85+. I’ve personally experienced many of the levels of management and have spent many years helping managers grow and develop. I’d love to help and support you through your management journey as well.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Allyship Training: You’ve bought into Diversity and Inclusion and you’re ready to change your workplace norms, but you don’t know how to get started. In my experience, creating allies is key to bringing about more inclusive workplaces. I can help you introduce concepts of allyship, communicate why allies are important, and provide you with some everyday actions to get you started.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Values: Striving for a diverse workforce and inclusive culture is, on its own, the Right Thing to Do™, but doing the right thing isn’t always enough when the pressures of business start squeezing you. I can help you formulate how Diversity and Inclusion map to your company’s business imperatives, and support you in finding ways to enact substantive and lasting change.
  • Facilitate Compensation Calibration: Pay equity is a key component ensuring that everyone in your organization feels, and is, valued. If you’ve never run a compensation calibration process or just can’t find the time to pull all the data together and analyze it, I can help you establish a practice of fair compensation practices for your organization.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Specific Coaching and Advice: If you’re new to thinking about Diversity and Inclusion or just need help along the way, I can provide coaching and advice from my 7+ years of building diverse and inclusive teams. Whether it’s doing the difficult work of examining your own biases and how they affect your leadership, having someone to answer your uncomfortable questions, or just needing a sanity check, I have a wealth of experience to draw upon to help you.
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